This wonderful painting is by artist Peter 
Wilson, of the Arnold Art Society, in Nottinghamshire.  It is a painting of Lowdham Mill.  Lowdham is just across the road from Knottwood...

February 27, 2007
Well, it REALLY seems to be Maintenance Month here in Knottwood! Today we added a NEW LOOK to our home page. DO feel free to Let us know what you think of it.

(Those of you who prefer the old Home Page, feel free to access it HERE and SAVE IT IN YOUR FAVOURITES. That way, when you bring it up from your favourites menu, you'll still get the old page!)

February 17, 2007
Time for our Annual Knottwood Popularity Contest! Knock Isobel Hanbro off those Charts! SHRINK her swelled head!

...Or not...

To take the poll and VOTE for YOUR favorite episode and character, Click Here!

February 16, 2007
Those of you with keen eyes will have noticed a new button at the bottom of our Home Page - it leads to our brand NEW Friends of Knottwood section. We plan on filling it with links to other 1:6 scale sites we love!

Meanwhile, we're starting off with a wonderful site from Germany called amithi.de. The world of amithi.de is as intelligent as it is humorous. It's also the home of Anna-Lena (a.k.a. "Blaze") and the Neo-T girls. The whole site is full of delightful surprises and lots of quirky, fun, information, and there are two main (English-speaking) story sections:   The NeoT Girls and other stories and Let me tell you about....   In the latter section, Blaze and Schantalle the Sanctimonious Sheep take you on a tour of Europe, and it's not only funny, but fascinating - hairdryer, scissors and all. Check it out - and enjoy!

February 15, 2007
Well, what a BORING month in Knottwood! Not ONE crisis - probably because Isobel Hanbro was away visiting relatives in the north of France.

A BIG thank you to all who participated in our two Surveys - they are now closed. A letter will be sent to the major toy manufacturers, letting them know what all those who, uh, play with 1:6 action figures and dolls really want. (Especially the "MORE 1:6 action figures and dolls" bit...)

And finally, we've added two new features to our home page - the Isobel Hanbro Seal of Approval to let new readers know the site is PG-rated (well, PG according to Isobel, anyway. Though WHAT most parents would think of her truly SHOCKING bird-shooting incident the other year is another story al-to-GETHER!) (For those of you who must Immediately Go See, you'll find it here.) Let's just say, she learned her lesson. And she was a LOT younger...

But Wait - there's MORE... At your direct request, we've also added a link to our NEW Link Banner page, where you can pick up a handy Knottwood link banner to put on your own web page - AND the code to easily copy into YOUR website. (If you save the banner into a directory other than your main one, just remember to insert the name of your directory BEFORE the banner name: E.G. If you save the eknotlink.gif banner into your Kwikpics directory, you would adjust your code so that instead of just reading IMG SRC="eknotlink.gif", it would say IMG SRC="Kwikpics/eknotlink.gif".

Again, a big thank you to all who took the time to answer our surveys - and a big thank you for all those Link Banner requests! We hope to soon return to our Regularly Scheduled Adventures. The Management

February 7, 2007
Goodness me! FEBRUARY already! We're very sorry. There are no updates, and the only news we have so far comes as the result of a smattering of urgent messages from a small but select minority of our readers.

It has come to our attention that some of our Harry Potter-addicted Knottwood visitors are unhappy that the link with Hoggwarts (via secret `Magic Sparkle' on the Per's White Water Rafting Adventure page) now only works for those with really extraordinary magical powers. We do not ever again intend to let mere mortals have access to this most dangerous secret passageway.

However, if any bona-fide members of the Wizarding World would like access, just drop us a line via isobel(at)knottwood.com, and we will be happy to supply a Secret Key.

Thank you. The Management.


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